Macklyn Parker

Macklyn Parker is a writer, part-time poet and art director living in North-West London, United Kingdom. He has worked in London’s cosmopolitan and competitive Fashion and Music industries from being head artist liaison to notable global stars such as Andrea Bocelli, Kanye West, Usher, Ozzy Osbourne and the late Amy Winehouse, to assisting in the production of global music events covering household names Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Drake and many more. In the fashion sphere, Macklyn has worked with many UK designers on collaborations and art direction on catwalk shows, video campaigns and fashion presentations for Ada Zanditon, Velsvoir, Nik+Ada and Chinese-born newcomer J.H Zane.

Recent Articles

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You've been captivated by her charm, and for a second you consider hanging up your boots and risking it all. But this is natural. After all, she's a Gemini. Some of the world's most riveting beauties were born under the sun sign. Marilyn Monroe made …
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7 Signs You Keep Missing That Prove She's Definitely Into You

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By Macklyn Parker