Mackenzie Brennan


Mackenzie Brennan is a poetry and music enthusiast who can frequently be found yammering about political issues. She’s from Arizona and goes to law school in NYC. Find her jumbled art at

Why This Millennial True Crime Podcast Host Is Running For Office In Brooklyn

By Mackenzie Brennan
Ben Kissel stands on a corner in midtown Manhattan. He’s well under the age of your average politician, and well over the height of all the passersby. Unsurprisingly, he’s wearing his de facto uniform of jeans, a graphic tee, and a powder blue suit…

My President Thinks It's OK That My Body Was Grabbed Without My Consent

By Mackenzie Brennan
A green and gray striped men's sweater. I got it because it was soft, and I liked the colors. In Arizona where I lived, it never snowed, but when I was home from college that winter break, it was cold enough to wear my new sweater and jeans. That's…

How You Diminish Feminism When You Say, 'I'm Not Like Other Girls'

By Mackenzie Brennan
We've all heard it before on Tinder profiles, bios and bumper stickers. Some of us have maybe even said it ourselves. “I'm not like other girls.” At first brush, the phrase sounds harmless, and maybe even endearing. We all know what it means. “I…

6 Things Riding The Subway Has Taught Me About Being A City Woman

By Mackenzie Brennan
Any time we move cities (whether it’s the first time or the fifth time, whether we’re 17 or 25, whether we're going from city to suburbia or vice versa), it’s an adjustment. You’re going to go through a million little transformations while you're…

How Vocalizing Sexual Fluidity Exemplifies This Generation's Courage

By Mackenzie Brennan
We’re pretty lucky, in the grand scheme of things. Our generation is coming of age in a world where the majority of people have finally adopted the "essentialist" view of sexual orientation: You are born with your sexual and romantic preferences…

I Was B*tched At For Taking Control Of My Breasts By Swimming Topless

By Mackenzie Brennan
Last weekend, my boyfriend and I had a small party of 20-somethings at his house. We’re from Arizona, and as on most July days, the temperature had reached over 100. Most of the group inevitably found their way to the pool, and under the influence…