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What It's Like To Be 20 Years Old And Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

By Lyndsay Reyes
If you told me when I was 15 that I was bipolar, I would have cursed you out. I would have told you you're the crazy one and you need to mind your own business. And then, I would apologize and tell you how much you mean to me. Since age 14, I have…

The Little Things: How Cancer Taught Me To Cherish What's Really Important In Life

By Lyndsay Reyes
Cancer: It’s the dreaded C-word we try to keep taboo in our already insane world. We hope to never endure it and we hope to never endure the pain of a loved one suffering. Sadly and realistically, we are all going to know at least one person who is…

The 8 Benefits You Get From Your Girls Rather Than The Boys

By Lyndsay Reyes
Girlfriends are like the sisters you wish you had. They provide daily entertainment, loyalty and love when you need it most. They soak up your feelings and empathize with you when you’re at the best and worst versions of yourself. We often…

With New Love Comes Old Baggage: Why You Can't Compete With Exes

By Lyndsay Reyes
With love comes struggle, and with a new love interest comes the interest’s crazy ex. If you’re in your 20s, your new partner might even have multiple crazy exes by now. Save yourself the heartache and realize that these people are likely going to…

Gen-Y Values: How To Uphold Your Morals In Today's Digital World

By Lyndsay Reyes
Sometimes, the world sucks. Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s the blunt reality. Our generation is totally dependent on technology and getting society’s stamp of approval before carrying on with even the most mundane tasks of our everyday lives. While…

Why We Should Cling To Chivalry: What Gen-Y Men Can Learn From Their Predecessors

By Lyndsay Reyes
Before porn and plastic surgery, men were forced to consider women beyond such complete shallow depth. They were simply attracted to what women naturally offered. Consider "The Great Gatsby." Sure, the era was replete with some of today’s negative…

College Grads: Why You Need To Put Down The Bong And Pick Up The Briefcase

By Lyndsay Reyes
Post-college life is filled with disappointments, stress, and a plethora of your mom's cooking. The probability of finding a job straight out of college is equivalent to the possibility of Miley not twerking... slim to none. You can pray all you…

10 Positive Thoughts To Help You Achieve Your Goals

By Lyndsay Reyes
The road to success is not smooth. Making something out of yourself in our high rising society can be intimidating. With all of the stress that the world puts on becoming successful (interlocking with happy), we can often get discouraged. Keeping a…

Men Like Women With Curves

By Lyndsay Reyes
Summer is right around the corner, which means the Instagram photos are making an early debut. From fitness results to bikini pictures, all I've seen for the past two weeks are ribcages and flat butts. While our society has always praised the skin…