Lucy Hobson


British born and bred, with a heart that belongs to California. Cardiff University graduate with an addiction to all-things-potato.

5 Ways Dating A Scorpio Makes You A Better Person

By Lucy Hobson
Scorpios are dark, mysterious and hella passionate lovers. Their natural intuitive ways are both a blessing and curse, but their loyalty and ambition shines through in any given situation. I, on the other hand, am not so blessed with these…

4 Reasons Life After Graduation Will Never Be As Scary As You Think

By Lucy Hobson
Your last year of college can be a particularly daunting experience. There's no direction, no guidance and no straight path to follow. As most of your life has been planned out up until that point, being in your final year with no concrete plan can…

5 Ways To Celebrate V-Day If You're In A Long-Distance Relationship

By Lucy Hobson
Valentine's Day is a day of celebrating romance, love, affection and partnership. However, being in a long-distance relationship can put these Valentine's Day "givens" at their own unreachable distance. While truly rewarding at the end,…

8 Ways Experiencing Reverse Culture Shock Kept Me Grounded

By Lucy Hobson
Deciding to study abroad in the US was both one of the easiest and hardest decisions I've ever had to make. From August 2014 to May the following year, I experienced the most eye-opening, valuable and life-changing experiences. I became a student in…

10 Reasons To Spend Halloween With Your Scorpio Partner In Crime

By Lucy Hobson
Scorpios are mysterious, dark and somewhat magical. While they may get a bad rep for being overly possessive and somewhat vengeful, they're your undeniable number one Halloween date, come rain or shine. True to their ruling planet's namesake (Mars),…