Lucy Farrington-Smith


Lucy is an actor from the UK who, when not pretending to be someone else, likes to flounce about writing words for people to read. Fuelled by coffee, she’s a quintessential Brit with a penchant for queuing and apologising. She’s sorry.

I Used To Be Afraid Of Falling In Love, But This Is Why I'm Ready For It

By Lucy Farrington-Smith
Falling in love. The wording is strange, almost like it's something you should avoid. When you are young, you're taught how to walk, how to step one foot in front of the other and how to keep standing. You're taught how to keep yourself up. How not…

In Praise Of Melancholy: Why We Should Stop Seeking Total Happiness

By Lucy Farrington-Smith
Yesterday, instead of spending my day all cozy, under the sheets with Netflix and no makeup, I spent it crying. I wept and blubbered uncontrollably like a tree caught in a fierce gale. Shivering and reckless, I cried uncontrollably. It was an…

Guilty As Charged: 8 Comments We Never Want To Admit To Saying

By Lucy Farrington-Smith
You know it, I know it, our friends probably know it. Hands up, who can admit to saying at least one of the following phrases before? "It's okay, I'm over him." This is closely followed by the sister meaning of, "I'm still trying to convince myself…

Dressing Room Chronicles: 6 Very Real Struggles Of Trying On Clothes

By Lucy Farrington-Smith
Changing rooms are like miraculous, four-walled boxes that can change you from green to black on a mood ring in a second. I would calculate that about 60 percent of my changing room experiences result in me being hot, stressed, exasperated and…

Why We Should All Start Leaving A Little More To The Imagination

By Lucy Farrington-Smith
Most of the time, we don't want to admit what we are thinking. We don’t want to let others know what we hope for or what we dream about. This is probably because we don't want to face what happens when we don’t achieve these dreams. Any attempts to…

4 Ways To Master The Art Of Slowing Down And Streamlining Life

By Lucy Farrington-Smith
We open our eyes. We reach. We scratch. We claw for our phones. We unlock, tap, scroll. We see photos from the parties we don't go to, the dinners we don't eat and the weddings we’re not even close to having. We double-tap. We comment, “I miss you…