Lorne Russell


Lorne Russell is a writer trapped in a retired high school rugby player's body. A native Midwesterner swimming with sharks in Los Angeles, he enjoys getting lost in new cultures whenever he's not stuck in traffic. Lorne likes to play with the racing thoughts in his head and writes them down whenever he's not stuck in his mind traffic And yes, sometimes his words do have smell-o-vision.

Why This Generation Refuses To Care And Why That Will Be Its Downfall

By Lorne Russell
When it comes to fear, humans have two options: fight or flight. This basic and instinctive reaction to danger can define who a person is, and it’s a trait we share with many other species in the animal kingdom. But what about a danger that can’t be…

The Time Is Now: How This Generation Can Take The Reigns On Our Political Future

By Lorne Russell
Generation-Y is unfortunately the low man on the totem pole. We're not young enough to be stress-free about our futures, and not old enough to reap all the benefits of tax credits and other supplemental income. We can easily get lost in the shuffle,…

How The 3 Most Important Women In My Life Made Me The Man I Am Today

By Lorne Russell
As we grow older and step into the future, we often reflect on the past and introspect within ourselves. We think about who we are and how we came to be this way. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I reflect on three special women who helped me…

3 Ways This Generation Can Learn How To Be Alone

By Lorne Russell
Disclaimer: Being alone obviously sucks. Even the most introverted, isolated hermit, who barely sees the light of day, understands that being alone is never truly wanted. We are social creatures and crave some kind of social interaction. Whether…

Why Your Quarter Life Crisis Is Actually A Good Thing

By Lorne Russell
You’ve spent $40,000 plus on a really neat piece of paper and you’ve said goodbye to your hometown for the past four (or five…or more for the Van Wilders out there) years, but now you're ready to move on and start the long but rewarding journey of 9…