Lizzie Braicks


Lizzie is a sassy Seattleite with a chronic case of wanderlust coupled with a passion for writing. She collects books and trinkets while constantly searching for her next great adventure. Lizzie has a degree in Public Relations and Political Science from Gonzaga University.

The 4 Ways You Are Absolutely Bombing Your Job Search

By Lizzie Braicks
Oh, job searching, how do we hate thee? It’s the beast that haunts every 20-something. We've all been there — you know how great you are, but nobody seems to want to look at your resume OR you get an interview, but never hear back. There is no point…

Generation-Y Is Undervalued: Why Success Isn’t Dependent On Age

By Lizzie Braicks
In the ultra-competitive nature of job-hunting, many members of Gen-Y are often faced with comments regarding their age, which is often assumed to be synonymous with a lack of experience. How many 20-somethings can you think of who graduated at the…

Steel Sharpens Steel: How Coming Of Age During A Recession Gives You An Edge

By Lizzie Braicks
There are a lot of strange contradictions that come with being 20-something. During the months surrounding college graduation, I was continuously told to “set the world on fire” and “follow my dreams with a passion,” but found that months later, as…

Why Health Cleanses Aren’t So Healthy

By Lizzie Braicks
Maybe it’s just me, but the cultural craze around “cleanses” seems a little questionable.  In the last year or so, the trend of juicing seems to have exploded, going from what was once a celebrity fad to a generally accepted food trend. This trend…

How Many Wannabe Vegans Do You Know?

By Lizzie Braicks
Lately, it seems like everybody has their own “food thing”; they don’t eat wheat, all of their meals come in juice form, or they’ve taken on habits that are completely inconvenient regarding their food consumption. Right now in Seattle, it seems…