Liz Lazzara


Liz Lazzara is an androgyne writer, editor, and activist specializing in mental health, addiction, and trauma. They have written online copy for rehab centers, and essays, narrative nonfiction, and journalism for multiple online and print publications. They are currently working on a manuscript about complex post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction, and they are affiliated with Active Minds, the Mental Health America Advocacy Network, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the National Association of Memoir Writers, the Nonfiction Authors Association, No Stigmas, and the One Love Foundation. You can find their entire body of work at

Anger, Grit, Determination, Drive: How To Get The Success You Want

By Liz Lazzara
My therapist once told me anger was a useful emotion because it could inspire action, as opposed to the incessant torpor depressive moments can bring. At the time, I enthusiastically clung to the concept. I was angry then, a 24-year-old girl (I…