Lisa Hochberger

Lisa is a sex therapist and educator based in the New York metropolitan area. Formally trained in human sexuality, her passion for the field is rooted in her belief that all human beings should understand what healthy sex is, regardless of culture, body or ability. She obtained her Masters in Human Sexuality Education at Widener University’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies where she is a doctoral candidate and her Masters of Social Work at New York University. Her research looks at couples that are married or co-habitating as a result of meeting on an online dating app. Her work dives into the history marriage from antiquity to present day and addresses a shift in rationale that supports entering into the institution. It is framed around the idea that marriage was never based on love; love is an ideal first introduced in Victorian literature and flourished through the 20th-century. Her academic writing also evaluates different communication theories that may apply to people who are using online dating applications as a tool to meet potential dating partners. Some of her other topics of interest include desire in long-term relationships, the intersection of technology and sexuality and its affect on individuals and couples, body image and its influence on sexuality, sexuality for people of all abilities, the imprint of the past on single people in America and alternative sexualities. She is a sex therapist at Wiser Sex Therapy Associates. She offers affirming therapy that is grounded in her experience as a sexologist. She welcomes all individuals regardless of their ability, sexual identity, race/ethnicity, age, national origin, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation. She practices using an eclectic approach that is mindful, harm reductive and strengths-based.