Lindsay Tarr


Lindsay Tarr is a contributing writer for Elite Daily. She hates bios about as much as she hates small talk.

If You're A '90s Kid, You've Def Dressed Up As One Of These Costumes Before

By Lindsay Tarr
Halloween is hands down one of the most epic holidays of the year, especially when you're a kid. You get to play dress up, stay out past your bedtime and walk from house to house getting practically unlimited free candy. What's NOT to love about…

I Was 'The Other Woman,' But I Ignored All The Signs

By Lindsay Tarr
Infidelity happens all the time. As unfortunate as it is, it happens. We hear about spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends cheating on their significant others all the time. And whether or not anyone knows about it, it sucks. It especially sucks if…

13 People You Will Inevitably Meet Every Time You Go Out To Drink

By Lindsay Tarr
Let's be real: We've all had our fair share of sloppy nights. These are the nights that are accompanied by drunken texts and embarrassing fails. These are the nights when we have one too many vodka sodas, followed by a long cab ride home and 15…

Why I'll Never View Suicide As An Act Of Selfishness Or Shame

By Lindsay Tarr
Roughly 105 Americans die every day from suicide. That's over 38,000 per year in the United States alone, and 800,000 worldwide. Nobody can explain this kind of hurt to you. It's unexpected and surreal, but then again, it's something that happens…

This Is The Real Reason I Choose To Limit Myself On Social Media

By Lindsay Tarr
I don't doubt for one second that social media has changed our world significantly. We can't exactly forget that it's there, or deny the fact that it is slowly reformatting the way we work and live our lives. I'm talking about communication,…

8 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Giving Up On Something

By Lindsay Tarr
We've all been caught at the intersection of a major decision. How do you decide which road to take? If you've ever felt stuck in a seemingly dead-end situation, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Whether it be a relationship, a…

How One Pivotal Moment Helped Me Take Control Of My Eating Disorder

By Lindsay Tarr
It hit me like a freight train. Could it have been God giving me a sign? Maybe, or maybe not. But it felt like a slap in the face. Or, in more pleasant terms, it was a little nudge on the shoulder. Who really knows? But I felt it, and I did…

I Was Led On By My Best Guy Friend, And It Totally Ruined Our Relationship

By Lindsay Tarr
Picture this: You're sharing a couch with your best friend. Things may be casual, but you start to notice him inching closer or making subtle gestures to touch you "by accident" (or maybe on purpose). Then, out of nowhere, he makes a move. You're…