Linda Tell


Linda is a contributing writer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Linda likes free-wifi, good smells, puppies, emojis, and the United Kingdom. She hates wet hair and being judged. Above all, Linda is, and always will be a Michigan Wolverine. Learn more at TheLindyCity.Wordpress.Com.

5 Common Political Tactics That Won't Win Gen-Y Any Progress

By Linda Tell
Politicians have long struggled to secure the votes of young people. After all, year after year, young voters are the least likely to cast ballots on Election Day. And, with technology advancing at unprecedented speeds, keeping up with Millennials…

A Whole New World: 15 Things Not To Do During Your Freshman Year

By Linda Tell
For the past seven days, university students across the US have been participating in what some may consider to be the best week of the school year: welcome week. Although classes have yet to commence, most students have already moved in, leaving…

Why Your 20s Are Actually The Best Time To Be In A Long-Distance Relationship

By Linda Tell
When unfamiliar people learn about my boyfriend, they usually respond with shock, confusion and a laundry list of questions. No, I’m not dating an ex-con and no, he’s not related to me. I’m simply in a long-distance relationship. By long distance, I…

In An Outage Lasting Just 10 Minutes, Facebook Proves It Runs The World

By Linda Tell
It’s official: Facebook runs the world. Yesterday morning, for just 10 minutes, the Facebook servers experienced unspecified difficulties. For 10 whole minutes, users were unable to log into their accounts, and for those 10 minutes, the world…

Let It Out: The 5 Perfect Places To Cry In Public Where No One Will Notice

By Linda Tell
Everyone needs a good cry every now and then. Maybe you just ended a bad relationship. Or maybe you just discovered that Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte season has ended. Either way, we all know that it's bound to happen, and we can't always control…