Linda Anderson


Linda is a writer and musician residing in Boise, Idaho in the United States. She graduated from the College of Idaho with a Bachelor's Degree in Business and a focus in marketing in 2014.

5 Creative Ways To Pay For College So You Never Have To Take Out Student Loans

By Linda Anderson
College education is known for the debt that comes with it. We all want to pursue our passions, but are in for a tough reality check when we see how much higher education and opportunity will cost us. If you already explored scholarship and grant…

6 Ways To Budget So Your Credit Card Debt Doesn't Send You Into A Panic

By Linda Anderson
If an enormous mountain of debt stares you in the face each month, it is time for you to take action and get it resolved once and for all. To do so, here is a helping hand, providing you six major tips to tackling that debt. Take a look at them,…

These 7 Inexpensive Storage Hacks Make Your Tiny Apartment Feel Like A Palace

By Linda Anderson
If you're living in a small apartment, you're well-aware how storage can be a huge issue. Even if you've done away with every unnecessary item you own, you'll still find yourself craving more space. Of course, it's actually easy to optimize your…

Women Share Their Steamiest Vacation Sex Stories, Giving 'Wanderlust' A New Meaning

By Linda Anderson
There's a funny one-liner that goes, “When the bed goes rocking, you don't come knocking." This especially goes for those steamy hookups abroad, better known as vacation sex. Sure, sex is usually always good no matter where you have it, but…

These Realistic Resolutions Are What You Need To Improve Your Relationship in 2017

By Linda Anderson
Maybe you want to keep a current relationship going strong or you're just starting out with a new love. Maybe 2016 wasn't a great year for you two, and you want to start over. Really, no matter what your relationship is currently like, the new year…

Why You'll Still Fall For The 'Bad Boy,' Even Though You Know Better

By Linda Anderson
After everything we've learned, it still seems that bad boys are Kryptonite for women. On the one hand, we dream of having Mr. Right or Mr. "Such A Nice Guy," but then we meet a guy who's so exciting and different from what we've experienced that we…