Lilli Petersen


Lilli is the News Editor at Elite Daily, where she leads coverage on all things news and politics, including reproductive rights, the Trump administration, and social justice issues. To keep it fun, she also oversees Elite Daily's I Have The Job You Want series, profiling all the people who do the fun and fascinating jobs you wanted when you were seven. Before joining Elite Daily, she was previously a News & Politics Writer with Refinery29. Besides her depressing obsession with politics, she loves to talk about her dog, Star Wars, her dog, feminism, her dog, and the enduring importance of Sansa Stark as the true hero of 'Game of Thrones.' Send her pitches at, or follow her on Twitter for some quality dog content and the occasional feminist rant.

Men & Women Have An Equal Shot At Winning Office, But This Is The Catch

Every time a major election season rolls around, the same questions come up: What do voters want? Can political opponents find common ground? And, are white men more electable than women and people of color? While some of those questions may never…