Lexi Palmer

Lexi is the CEO of a company called EquiSeq (www.equiseq.com). She is a volunteer motivational speaker and has an online support group for victims of sexual assault (https://www.facebook.com/groups/breakthesilence.breakthestereotypes/) She also has a blog (www.thegirlthatdid.weebly.com)

Recent Articles

If Your Relationship Doesn't Scare You, You're Dating The Wrong Person

I'm here to talk about those amazing relationships people dream of being in. You know the ones. They're the relationships that mend the broken pieces of your past, and they make you feel like you are actually going to be OK again. They're the ones th…
By Lexi Palmer

The Only Resolution I Plan On Keeping This Year Is Being More Selfish

The majority of people have New Year’s resolutions that lean more toward the positive side, like getting healthy, being happier, finding a better job, etc. But when people asked me if I had any resolutions this year, I said, “To be more selfish.” Ini…
By Lexi Palmer

5 Ways Your Life Will Improve After You Purge It Of Toxic People

Everyone has heard of a food detox where you eat well and intend to cleanse your body and sometimes shed some fat in the process. Detoxing make you feel lighter, happier and healthier. Doing a food detox is easy, but what about getting rid of toxic p…
By Lexi Palmer

I Was Sexually Assaulted And Stayed Silent, Until Now

My hands are shaking as I write. I’m petrified because writing this down means acknowledging what I have been running away from for three years as truth. It means finally accepting a part of my past as fact; it actually happened. Every fiber in my bo…
By Lexi Palmer

Why Your Wanderlust Will Guide You To Your Next Phase In Life

My friend called me at 1 am last night on his walk back to his new apartment in a new city. We talked for an hour while he explained to me how incredible he felt for taking a chance and moving to a brand new place, all by himself, where he didn't kno…
By Lexi Palmer

An Open Letter To All Boys Afraid Of Commitment, From The Women You Left Behind

Ladies, you know the type all too well. He's charismatic, fun and easygoing with the perfect amount of chemistry. He's the type we all are in constant pursuit of but only a few of us actually find. You meet him and get swept away almost instantly by …
By Lexi Palmer