Leviana Coccia


Leviana studied media studies and event management in Toronto. Now, she works in non-profit public relations in that city. She is passionate about drinking tea, cats, Beyonce and yoga. Leviana is also the founder of Toronto lifestyle blog aquarteryoung.com.

3 Workout Videos That Will End Your Love-Hate Relationship With Leg Day

By Leviana Coccia
It's officially winter. This means layers, long sweaters and multiple pairs of long johns are totally acceptable (and even kind of trendy). I'm a fan of the cooler months. They hide a lot of imperfections. But as an advocate of body positivity, I’m…

Reuniting With Nature: 10 Thoughts All Outdoor Yogis Know Too Well

By Leviana Coccia
In Toronto, there is yoga in the park all throughout the summer. Whether you’re an experienced yogi, or you're simply trying it out, instructors usually plan moderate-level classes with plenty of variations for people of all fitness groups and…

Why Chasing Your Dreams Doesn't Mean You're Entitled Or Selfish

By Leviana Coccia
I am not entitled. I may be ambitious, confident, professionally driven and focused on my goals, but I certainly don’t expect to be served good fortune on a silver platter. I understand meeting my goals takes work and I am completely okay with trial…

How A Girl With A Size 8 Waist Chooses To Define 'Fit'

By Leviana Coccia
How do I define fit? Well, I base most of my definition on thoughts by the great philosopher, Mindy Kaling. She has said, done and written a lot of great things. My favorite quote of hers is when she told Jimmy Kimmel that it takes a lot of effort…

How We Can All Do Our Part To Break Today's Gender Stereotypes

By Leviana Coccia
When it rains, puddles often form in potholes and crevices between curbs and sidewalks. As it continues to rain, these puddles grow. Each time a small droplet falls into this puddle, small ripples move from where the drop first hit the larger body…

4 Ways Long-Distance Relationships Force Independent Growth, Together

By Leviana Coccia
Though it never gets easier watching my partner zigzag through the airport security line and wave goodbye from a body scanner as he blows a kiss, I would never trade the last two and a half years of half-asleep Skype calls, delayed packages in the…

If I Don't Get To Say Goodbye: How I Plan To Honor My Grandpa's Legacy

By Leviana Coccia
It was Christmas 2014 when something started to feel wrong. My 85-year-old maternal grandfather was always tired. He went from an energetic guy to an exhausted day-sleeper with tingles in his upper back and pain on his side. Working for a cancer…