Lenny Prosser


Lenny Prosser is a freshman at the University of Delaware with a Communications Interest major. She is originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia. She can most often be found laughing at her own jokes or dancing on elevated surfaces.

6 Signs You're That Suburban Girl From 'Right Outside Of Philly'

By Lenny Prosser
When you meet people from Pennsylvania, chances are, they will probably describe their hometown as being “right outside of Philadelphia.” Hearing this, you may picture the same streets that brought us Will Smith (you know, "west Philadelphia born…

7 People You Need To Meet In College So You Don't Miss Your OG Clique

By Lenny Prosser
Summer rapidly winds down. The living room quietly fills with a comforter from Bed Bath & Beyond (that every girl has also bought) and bags upon bags of crop tops and high-waisted shorts. College is eager to greet you right around the corner, but…

3 Reasons Girls Will Always Fall For Guys Who Act Like They're The Sh*t

By Lenny Prosser
So you and your girls just spent the past 45 minutes or so slipping into your favorite pair of “I know my ass looks good” jeans, trying to contour your faces like the Kardashians and somehow taping your boobs together to create the perfect cleavage…

California Dreamin': How An East Coaster Found Solace In The Sierras

By Lenny Prosser
You may have thought Katy Perry summed it all up in her music video bouncing around with cupcakes on her boobs, or that the Beach Boys hit the nail on the head with their classic “California Girls.” Even Adele mentions the phrase “California…

10 Little Things You Can Do To Turn Around A Sh*tty Day

By Lenny Prosser
Some days, we just aren’t feeling it. Whether we just can’t get our hair to look the way we want it to, or we just received some bad news at work, we all have our bad days. Some of us are far too familiar with them. Some say they occur solely on…

Freshman Fail: 8 Mistakes To Avoid In Your First Year Of College

By Lenny Prosser
You did it! After the long and painful college application process, you finally made it to campus. But hey, don’t get too cocky, now. Keep in mind you are back to the bottom of the food chain. That’s right. You’re a freshman, and everyone knows it.…