Lena Elkins


Lena Elkins is a marketing coach for ambitious millennials looking to break out of the 9 to 5 and start their own 6-figure online freelance businesses. She's the host of the Facebook group, Millennial Go-Getters and runs reachingrichnesscourse.com.

3 Cures To Every 'Millennial' Problem That Follows After Graduation

By Lena Elkins
As a digital marketing consultant and Millennial, I'm constantly amazed by the amount of Gen-Y content floating throughout my industry. The funniest part is that almost none of the content is written by Millennials themselves. It's sort of similar…

4 Ways You Can Finally Push Yourself To Quit Your Boring 9-To-5

By Lena Elkins
Hi, I'm Lena. I'm a 24-year-old freelance content marketer, and I have a big secret: I'm not a workaholic. In fact, I'm not even considered a good worker in the eyes of the traditional employment structure. I hate offices. I despise 9-to-5…

4 Ways The Best Freelancers Find Work After Losing Their First Big Clients

By Lena Elkins
About a month ago, my boyfriend and I traveled to the US to visit my family. It was awesome. In three weeks, we traveled to Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Nashville, Washington DC and San Francisco. If you're thinking, “Woah, that's a lot of time to…

4 Reasons Millennials Are Taking On Freelancing More Than Any Generation

By Lena Elkins
It's no question that more and more professionals are choosing a freelance path and opting out of the traditional 9 to 5 office routine. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of freelancers within the United States increased by…

Why Wearing Makeup Every Day Doesn't Mean I'm Hiding My 'True Self'

By Lena Elkins
OK, I admit it. I've recently been catching myself saying a lot of “white girl” things. Last week, I casually told someone you can use coconut oil on anything, I defended a feminist statement by saying “I took a women and gender studies class in…

5 Ways To Turn Your Blog Into A Multimillion-Dollar Lifestyle Brand

By Lena Elkins
As any content marketer knows, the blogging world is no longer run by teenagers on Tumblr who are writing about their high school dramas. (Fine, I'll admit I was one of those teenagers.) Today, blogging has become a lucrative industry. It has turned…