Leah Bishop


Leah spent 5 football seasons at University of Georgia and majored in PR. After working in the world of professional sports, her current profession is making a sport of out of traveling the world. Follow this ATLiens' adventures at southernplayalisticinthesouthpacific.wordpress.com.

11 Reasons Nepal Should Be Your Next Backpacking Destination

By Leah Bishop
Subjective and finite, composing a travel bucket list is an intimidating task, and one to certainly start an argument among world travelers. Telling you what your dream destination should be is an act as biased and arrogant as telling you what your…

11 Ways To (Kind Of) Learn A New Language If You're A Lazy Traveler

By Leah Bishop
Like most people, I have a few regrets from college: sleeping through a final exam, a few run-ins with the law and a walk of shame in a Tamagotchi costume. You know these. They are the usual suspects of remorse. What I regret more so than that MIP…

Use It, Don't Abuse It: 12 Ways Alcohol Is Exactly Like Social Media

By Leah Bishop
The more I drink about it, the more I realize using social media is a lot like using everyone’s favorite social drug: alcohol. Almost everyone does it, and many of us do it daily (for the health benefits, duh). Some of us abstain from it completely.…

The Vacation Workout: 5 Ways To Stay Fit While Traveling

By Leah Bishop
Travel blogs are always quick to proclaim travel allows you to expand your horizons and broaden your mind, but what they fail to communicate is travel also allows you to expand your waistline and broaden your muffin top. I’d like to think my year of…

Why You Should Do Something Kind Today And Not Talk About It Online

By Leah Bishop
With a different unofficial national holiday taking over social media daily, it seems hashtag holidays have become the new Hallmark holidays. These holidays don't exist for retail purposes, but rather retweet purposes. We aren't purchasing flowers…

Where Are They Now? 6 Adventures The Berenstain Bears Would Go On Today

By Leah Bishop
I was raised by a family of bears: four overall rocking, shower cap-donning, bad habit-busting, tree house-squatting grizzlies, who put Bear Country on the map. You know the family. They're the Berenstain Bear family. Unless you had the luxury of…

Peace Up, A-Town: 5 Things You'll Miss If You Move Away From Atlanta

By Leah Bishop
Are you thinking of abandoning Atlanta? Moving away from The A? Maybe you’ve reached the end of the BeltLine. Maybe you’ve swiped left for every casanova from Cascade to Cobb County. Maybe you’re still sour that The Braves are moving to Cobb County.…

Bring Back Kodak: Why Disposable Cameras Are A Symbol Of Better Days

By Leah Bishop
When it comes to snapping photos with friends, I like my cameras like I like my spring break hookups: easy, unfiltered and disposable. Enter our era of Instagram and instant gratification, and disposable cameras are deader than your forgotten…

My Best Friend's Wedding: Why I Chose To Forgo The Gift Registry

By Leah Bishop
Growing up in Atlanta, a city with a large Jewish population, I was always jealous of my friends in the Hebrew crew. They got random days off school, bar and bat mitzvahs were the sh*tzvah (especially if they had ATL’s famous turntablist, DJ Black…