Lauren Ireland

Lauren Ireland is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied Drama and Documentary Film. Lauren regularly performs at UCBT-NY after graduating from the improv program in 2012. Since then, she became a founding member of Pop Roulette, and Garlic Jackson. Independent of those groups & her viral video collaborations with Paul Gale Comedy (The Today Show, HLN, Fuse TV), Lauren Ireland’s writing, directing and acting have appeared on Time Magazine, MTV, Above Average, Splitsider, Huffington Post Comedy, Nylon Magazine, Cosmo, and Jezebel. She currently works as a producer / writer / director for Elite Daily, occasionally submitting to the humor section. For snippets of Lauren’s other work, check her out on instagram / twitter @laureneireland

My Friend Karen Got Bed Bugs And This Is What We Learned

By Lauren Ireland
Summer’s almost over, and you know what that means: Bed bug season is upon us! One of my dear friends recently got bed bugs, and after one long, wine-induced conversation, we came to the following 11 conclusions about life, love and the pursuit of…