Lauren Cooper

A recent Communications grad and a long-time music junkie. Most often found sipping tea, often ironically.

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Why Writers Will Never Try To Hold Back In A New Relationship

“If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die,” they say. This is not true, for we all have a shelf life. But we will promise that your days will be rich with meaning. Instead, to be loved by a writer is to be admired with a renewed intensit…
By Lauren Cooper

This Is Why True Love Doesn't Include A 'Hotter' Person In The Relationship

Many moons ago, I found myself binge-watching the series "How I Met Your Mother." Among the witty pop culture references, I often found insightful theories on relationships. One notable feature was Barney Stinson's “Hot Vs. Crazy” graph, in which a p…
By Lauren Cooper

Just Because Kim Stood By Kanye Doesn't Mean She's Not A Feminist

As of yesterday, the deliverance of Pokémon Go from the evil clutches of Canadian servers gave us a refreshing dose of reality as we craned our necks away from our familiar phone screens for a hot second. However, since the issue was resolved, we hav…
By Lauren Cooper

7 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Group Of Guy Friends To Fall Back On

Male-female friendships have been a slippery slope since the dawn of time, and they will continue to be seen as such, even into today’s dusk. But, the stigma surrounding close friendships with the opposite sex shouldn’t be a matter of gossip or frenz…
By Lauren Cooper