Lauren Bowling


Lauren Bowling is the blogger behind award-winning personal finance site, L Bee and the Money Tree and host of the web series #awkwardmoneychat. Atlantan, crazy dog mom, & ardent feminist teaching others to be better with $$$.

5 Ways To Stick To A Budget When You Leave Your 9-To-5 And Go Freelance

By Lauren Bowling
So, you've decided to make the transition from being a salaried employee to a freelancer who budgets irregular income levels.   I know the mix of emotions well: mostly elation and joy, with a healthy dose of trepidation and fear sprinkled in.   Some…

Here's How Much Money You Should Actually Be Spending On Clothes Every Year

By Lauren Bowling
I have such a complicated relationship with clothes. On one hand, I absolutely adore them. Nothing makes my day quite like someone complimenting my outfit or asking where I got something. On the other hand, I used to spend way too much money on…

Here's A Beginner's Guide To Actually Saving Some Money As A Millennial

By Lauren Bowling
For most people saving money may seem like a low priority. Our brains are usually too tuned into the instant gratification of spending, but having a money cushion and an emergency fund are an important part of your financial well-being.  Wait a…

6 Credit Score Mistakes You Make In Your 20s That Affect Your Entire Future

By Lauren Bowling
Even though I have my financial act together now, I've massively struggled with credit for most of my adult life. Here's the DL on that story: I developed a nasty shopping addiction in college. I graduated in 2009 with over $10k in credit card…

5 Legit Reasons Renting A Home Is Better Than Buying

By Lauren Bowling
When I worked at a hedge fund in New York City, we got ridiculous Christmas bonuses. RIDICULOUS. So large, in fact, that we joked about how everyone started shopping for newer, bigger, apartments in January because of the annual Christmas cash…

7 Tips For Buying A Home In Your 20s Without Going Broke

By Lauren Bowling
It never ceases to amaze me how surprised people get when I tell them that I'm both unmarried and own my home. I was car shopping this past weekend, filling out the requisite paper work, when the sales guy asked me a few casual questions. "You rent…