Laurel Vozely


Laurel Vozely writes with bad posture and a background in Psychology+Women's Studies alongside her rescu(t)e pup, Salty Dog, in sunny San Diego.

6 Reasons You Should Always Swipe Right On A Guy With A Dog

By Laurel Vozely
As I sift through the masses of "eligible" bachelors on dating mediums like Tinder and OKCupid, there is a lot to take in. The science behind what specifically attracts our eye to another is complicated in general, let alone when that eye is looking…

How Millennials Have Finally Put An End To Traditional Relationships

By Laurel Vozely
The other day, on my grandmother's 84th birthday, I listened as she spoke of her age when she gave birth to each of her four children. She was 29 when she had her youngest, 23 when she had my mother, 22 when she had her older sister and 20 when she…

Smell The Roses: 5 Ways To Work Through Mild Anxiety Using Your Senses

By Laurel Vozely
It's just another weekday, but it doesn't have to be. We all step onto the same conveyor belt on Monday. It moves us through the work week at such speed, it doesn't allow much time for mindfulness and tuning into ourselves and our environments. It…

This Drinking Game Will Keep You Sane During Your Family's Thanksgiving

By Laurel Vozely
With one day remaining until Thanksgiving, the prep is already done. We’ve seen turkeys in carts, angry people waiting in line at the market and sweet potatoes being shown much more love than usual. One could say this is the most wonderful time of…

The Power Of Request: 6 Ways You Can Successfully Ask For What You Want

By Laurel Vozely
Every time I went to the dentist as a kid, I remembered seeing a stack of movies to my left, presumably for the television above me. I had this thing for “The Secret Garden,” and with each visit, I saw that VHS just sitting there, waiting to be…

Beat The Winter Blues: 6 Ways To Cope With Seasonal Affective Disorder

By Laurel Vozely
It's the most wonderful time of the year. Unless you're like me, and you tend to feel physically and emotionally deflated come December. It's dark by 5 pm, and it doesn't help all forms of media are shouting at me to snuggle up with my non-existent…