Laura Frost


Laura is just a girl looking for her version of the less-traveled road. She is certain of three things: that she caught wanderlust before the chicken pox, we have to fight for the world we want, and puppy videos are never a waste of time.

88 Crazy Thoughts Everyone Has When Going Out With New Friends

By Laura Frost
Life in your 20s can be full of change. From graduating to major geographical moves, from serious breakups to marriage possibilities, our friendships go to through several ups and downs. That earthquake of upheaval is only truly fixed if you're…

Why Accomplishing One Dream Only Led Me To Freak Out About The Next

By Laura Frost
The word, "California," was a poem: a mantra I repeated to myself when I had a bad moment or hard day. The word is actually kind of beautiful in and of itself, but it was more than that for me. It was the answer to a question I was almost afraid to…

Sunscreen Is Sexy: Why SPF Should Be Everyday Wear

By Laura Frost
The combined scent of sunscreen and sea air has always reminded me of summertime, and it's served as an aphrodisiac of sorts. But, my major sunburns are also hallmarks of my summers. My 16-year-old self believed smearing on SPF 15 for a six-hour…

18 Dos And Don'ts For 20-Somethings Entering The Wedding World

By Laura Frost
Peak wedding season may be over, but the four horseman of the nuptial apocalypse (bridezillas, bridesmaidzillas, groomsmen and guests who don’t get it) are far from finished galloping through the proverbial town square. I have a decent amount of…

You'll Never Be Able To Control Ruthless Guys, But You Can Control Your Own Values

By Laura Frost
My roommate burst in the door looking, shaken and pale, as I attempted to finally play an F chord on my guitar without giving myself premature arthritis (it wasn’t going well). Something about the look on her face told me I needed to take a pause…

What If? A Letter To The Boy You Want But Will Never Have

By Laura Frost
I sat on the rock wall and stared off at sailing ships traveling slowly on the wind and waves through the starry night. The breeze lifted off the river and gave me another reason to hug my arms tightly around myself. I knew this sea walk by heart,…

The Tale Of Two Friend Zonings: How It Feels On To Be On Both Ends Of The Situation

By Laura Frost
My name is Laura, and I am a friend zoner. Now, don't get the wrong idea; I have only committed this crime once (that I know of) and I have certainly had it done to me at least once (that I can remember). The following is the defense of my actions…

She Will Always Remember The Good Times You Shared, Despite The Bad

By Laura Frost
I was sitting on the rickety balcony in our barn, going through boxes when one toppled on top of me. It was on top of a pile that was higher than my head and I got a little too optimistic about my gracefulness when reaching for it. After it fell, I…

Wanderlust In Reverse: What It's Like To Return Home From Your Travels

By Laura Frost
Ever find yourself lying in bed at night, staring at the ceiling and wishing you were somewhere else entirely? I’ve heard I'm not alone amongst 20-somethings in my restless soul syndrome: Wanderlust is almost as common as the cold. I used to buy…