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Kylie McConville is the managing editor of Elite Daily, where she oversees all of Elite Daily's verticals: Entertainment, Experiences, News, Style, and Dating. Kylie has been with BDG since 2015. Before joining Elite Daily, Kylie helped launch Romper, BDG's website for millennial women with children. At Romper, Kylie served as the Deputy Editor, overseeing features and lifestyle coverage across the site. She graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and accreditations in Secondary Education, Special Education (K-21), and CELTA qualifications. Outside of the office, Kylie is most often talking to, or about, her plants.

The Lyrics To Taylor Swift's "Ready For It" Have Fans Freaking Out So, So Much

By Kylie McConville
Not even a full 12 hours after dropping a surprise one-minute teaser of her new song "Ready For It" during the Alabama and Florida State college football game on Saturday night, the full version of Taylor Swift's brand new song has been released.…