Kylie McConville


Kylie McConville is the managing editor of Elite Daily, where she oversees all of Elite Daily's verticals: Entertainment, Experiences, News, Style, and Dating. Kylie has been with BDG since 2015. Before joining Elite Daily, Kylie helped launch Romper, BDG's website for millennial women with children. At Romper, Kylie served as the Deputy Editor, overseeing features and lifestyle coverage across the site. She graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and accreditations in Secondary Education, Special Education (K-21), and CELTA qualifications. Outside of the office, Kylie is most often talking to, or about, her plants.

These Black Friday Deals On Fjällräven Kånken Backpacks Are Too Good To Pass Up

By Kylie McConville
A cool, trendy backpack that's fashionable and functional has become a millennial and Gen Z battle cry. Also beloved by Boomers and Gen Xers alike, it may very well be the one thing that unites us all. Regardless of whether you're looking to…

Elite Daily’s Fall Issue, Back At It, Is Ready To Make This Your Best Year Yet

By Kylie McConville
Even if you're spending the summer hiking in Sweden with zero access to social media, you have to be feeling it by now: the spine-tingling early August sense that the biggest shift in your year is about to happen. Here at Elite Daily, we love the…

In Elite Daily's 'Here For It' Issue, We're Open To Anything & Everything

By Kylie McConville
YOLO. FOMO. Full Send. How many times in your life have you been somewhere and done something just For The Story, barely registering it? I'm old enough to know that some distant day from now, when you're on the verge of exiting your 20s, you're…

The Best Of Elite Daily: Our Favorite 50 Stories From 2018

By Kylie McConville
It's been a loooong 365 days, and there's no denying 2018 was one Big Mood. Political chaos aside, this past year was filled with so many feelings, prompted by so many *Very Important Events.* I'm biased, but what better way is there to recap those…

Let Elite Daily's December Issue, "Like Magic," Be Your New Year's Spark

By Kylie McConville
Let's just admit it up front: the holidays are exhausting. There's so much pressure to buy it all, do it all, enjoy it all, and have The Best New Year's Eve Ever that you're probably ready to ditch it all and spend the next four weeks planning your…

Elite Daily's "Back At It" Issue Is The Back-To-School Guide You've Been Waiting For

By Kylie McConville
August is a back-to-school lover's dream: pretty folders, plush pens, weekly planners, and daily organizers galore. If you've set a goal to be more attentive in class this year, or to actually be on time to your Tuesday 8 a.m. — there's a gadget you…