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Wander or Bust: Florence Is Filled With Pasta, Wine, & History

Wander or Bust is an Elite Daily travel series that follows young women all over the globe to record their journeys as they experience the thrill of the far-flung and unknown. They'll track their budgets, where they stay, where they eat and drink, a…
By Kylie McConville

Elite Daily's "Out Of Here" Travel Issue Takes You Exactly Where You Want To Go

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You booked roundtrip airfare for a getaway to Costa Rica with your best friends. You did what seemed like the hard part — getting everyone to agree on dates, and on ticket prices, and on airlines and layovers and trav…
By Kylie McConville

What Elite Daily's First Issue "When I Grow Up" Is All About

Get through college. Find a job. Build your credit. Find an apartment. Pay off your loans. Work hard so that you can get promoted. Start an emergency fund. Date people. Stay in touch with friends. Learn to cook. Respond within 24 hours. Open a 401(k)…
By Kylie McConville

You're Gonna Cry Your Eyes Out Over Kris Jenner's Reaction To Kylie's Baby Girl

The day we've waited 40 long weeks for has officially (officially! finally!!!!) come. On Sunday, Feb. 4, just hours before the Super Bowl, a very special Jenner confirmed her pregnancy and the delivery of her daughter, and Kris Jenner's reaction to K…
By Kylie McConville

The Best Of Elite Daily: Our Favorite 50 Stories From 2017

Before you look ahead at your 2018 horoscopes (and check, recheck, and then check it against your latest match's sign), we can't leave 2017 behind without saying a proper goodbye. Sure, the past year has been confusing as all hell, but one quick look…
By Kylie McConville

These ‘Reputation’ Theories About Kim Kardashian & Taylor Swift Are So, So Juicy

It hasn't even been 12 hours since Taylor Swift's much-buzzed about album, Reputation, dropped, but already the internet (and obsessed fans) are coming in hot with their own theories and clues when it comes to who the album (and certain songs) are ab…
By Kylie McConville