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Keep Grinding: 8 Thoughts You Need To Stop Having To Stay Motivated

By Kyle Eschenroeder
It's easy to be addicted to motivational crack: the pictures, quotes, videos and books that all promise to help us make the change in our lives we're all dying to make. I read these things constantly, soak them in, get my motivational high ... and…

The Search For The Aha! Moment: How To Turn Your Own Thoughts Into Genius Ideas

By Kyle Eschenroeder
This is a call to action. My name is Kyle, and I have a problem: I'm addicted to information.  I love digging into one book and then another and another. There is so much fascinating information out there. Books are basically brilliant people,…

How Lowering The Bar Of Expectations Could Be The Best Move You Make All Year

By Kyle Eschenroeder
Lowering the bar took me from Mom’s couch to successful entrepreneur, from flabby to ripped and from lonely to having the best relationship of my life. The idea of it used to make me nauseated. Now, it’s a tool I use to take action. Most things…

4 Get-Rich Schemes That Won't Get You Rich At All

By Kyle Eschenroeder
The things that make money loudly tend to not work for large quantities of people; rarely do the sexiest fields lead to the biggest payoffs. People get confused because they see headlines and movies and think that the world operates in a certain way…

15 Ways You're Using The Internet That Are A Total Waste Of Your Time

By Kyle Eschenroeder
The Internet is trying to f*ck us. It connects us to any information we could possibly want. You can learn [or at least get a theoretical understanding of] anything in the entire world. Interested in the history of other fiat currencies? BAM! Need a…

3 Things You Need To Know About Investing Before You Invest Yourself In That World

By Kyle Eschenroeder
I was a trader for about six years. Toward the end of high school and throughout college, I spent almost all of my time in front of an array of computer monitors, studying charts. I was watching the psychology of the world distilled into little…

20 Reasons You Should Write A Book While In Your 20s

By Kyle Eschenroeder
I wrote a book. It didn’t sell a million copies and I can’t pay rent with the profits. Yet, it is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Here's why you need to write one, too: 1. You can. If you write 500 good words per day, you will have 50,000…