Kurt Lynch

Kurt is an undergraduate student of Political Science at the University of Nevada, Reno. He has interned in the United States Senate and currently works on a political campaign. He enjoys golf, photography, and videography.

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You've Been Reading Presidential Election Polls All Wrong, And Here's Why

If you run a Google News search for "breaking polls," you'll find a lot of conflicting stories. "Clinton and Trump Neck and Neck," "Clinton Widens Her Edge" and "New Poll Shows Trump With Biggest Lead Yet," are just a few excerpts of the first headli…
By Kurt Lynch

Why Millennials Will Be The Ones Who Eventually Put An End To Gun Violence

A Facebook argument. Joking around with a loaded gun. Because they were in an LGBTQ+ nightclub. These are just a few of the reasons people have been shot in the United States in 2016. These individual anecdotes are terrifying, but they also do not te…
By Kurt Lynch

Donald Trump May Be The One Person Democrats Need To Regain Congress

In 2013, the Republican Party was stumbling. It had nominated a strong candidate for President, Mitt Romney, to challenge an incumbent Obama presiding over a wobbly economy with still high unemployment. Despite this, Romney lost the election. This ma…
By Kurt Lynch

If Millennials Want A Political Revolution, We Must Turn To Local Elections

Bernie Sanders has taken us on a wild ride over the last year. From an awkward announcement that he would run outside of the US capitol — a place typically used for legislative press conferences — to a walloping frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the New…
By Kurt Lynch