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Why You Need To Stop Having Drunk Sex And Start Being Confident In Your Sexuality

By KStarrantino
A recent Cosmo article called, “Why So Many Young People Think They Need Booze to Have Sex," should have made me gasp in horror, but it didn't. I didn't even blink when reading that 30 percent of sexually active women who drink admitted they…

11 Of Men's Most Common Sex Questions For Women, Answered By A Woman

By KStarrantino
Ladies, I undertook a dangerous experiment in the name of science. I texted the majority of men in my phone and asked them to tell me a question they had about sex, women or sex with women. In response to this, I received some pressing questions, as…

Sex Expert Reveals A Beginner's Guide To A 'Fifty Shades'-Inspired BDSM Sex Life

By KStarrantino
Can you believe it's been six years since everyone was reading "Fifty Shades of Grey?" Despite the book being published years ago, there's still so much to learn about the practices that made the book so popular. As a sex educator who is currently…

10 Ways To Get On The 'Naughty List' With Your SO This Holiday

By KStarrantino
There was certainly a time when you did all you could to get on the nice list. It was the only way you'd get the Polly Pocket mansion you'd be dreaming about or the that Bop It. Seriously, how are you ever going to beat your neighbor at Bop It, if…

5 Reasons To Give Thanks For The Female Orgasm

By KStarrantino
Ah, Thanksgiving. Put on your stretchiest yoga pants and prepare for the remorse you'll feel the day after, as you ponder in both amazement and disgust how one human being could possibly eat so much stuffing. There's plenty to be thankful for:…

Pumpkin Spice Blowjobs And 6 Other Ways To Bring Fall Into To The Bedroom

By KStarrantino
Basic bitches everywhere, rejoice. Fall is here. You've suffered through every other season to make it to fall, and even though you seamlessly integrate pumpkin spice into every part of your daily routine, you might struggle with fitting fall into…

5 Reasons Why Sex Might Be Causing You Pain Instead Of Pleasure

By KStarrantino
For many of us, sex is one of the most enjoyable things in life, right up there with a sale on Ben and Jerry's and your boss giving you a raise you definitely didn't deserve. But if sex seems to be making you cringe more than cry out in ecstasy,…

Guys, Sex Toys Will Never Replace You, But You Should Still Use Them

By KStarrantino
I've had some really exciting jobs in my 26 years (I even sold curtains for six months), but I'd have to say my most exciting job was working as a sales representative at a sex toy shop. It would be an understatement to say I learned a lot from my…