Kristina Udice


Kristina is a junior at Emerson College in Boston. She studies literature and creative writing—which means she spends a lot of time drinking Iced Mochas in tiny cafes, people-watching. It's for research, of course.

Summer Drinking For Dummies: 9 Dos And Don'ts To Surviving Day Parties

By Kristina Udice
If summer isn’t the best time of year to drink, I don’t know when is. You’ve got perpetual sun, warm sand and cool breezes. It’s all beachy waves, kayak trips and shady hikes. It’s the time when everyone comes together to sit around a crackling fire…

5 Countries Where Femicide Is At Its Worst And What We Can Do To Help

By Kristina Udice
With recent outrage in Argentina over the brutal murder of 14-year-old Chiara Paez, the conversation about femicide has been reignited in mainstream media. The young girl was allegedly beaten and killed by her boyfriend during a supposed dispute…

Valar Morghulis: A Ranking Of 'GOT's' Most Threatening One-Liners

By Kristina Udice
Warning: Spoilers are revealed throughout this article. With the season over and our hearts effectively torn out of our chests, it’s time to reflect on the last five seasons of "Game of Thrones." There have been happy moments (though few and far…

The Emotional Timeline Of Being A Binge-Watching Addict

By Kristina Udice
It may seem like an easy task to spend your day wrapped up in comfy blankets in your bed full of pillows stuffed with soft down feathers. Your favorite mug of coffee sits on the table next to you, leaving half-crescent shapes on the wooden…

What's In A Name? Why The Word 'Feminism' Freaks People Out

By Kristina Udice
I want to talk about feminism. Was that too blunt? Too much, too fast? Should I tone it down a bit? Okay, let’s give it another shot. I need to talk about feminism. I’m sorry, couldn’t help it. I tried, though. And, I’m not stopping any time soon.…

12 Cringe-Worthy, Awkward Moments We've All Unfortunately Experienced

By Kristina Udice
Try as we must, we, as people, tend to teeter on the edge of awkwardness (and by teeter, I totally mean fall head first into the abyss of social ineptitude.) It doesn’t matter how hard we try, how long we prepare the same unnecessary speech in front…

Inside Jokes For Days: 10 Reasons Why Spring Break Is Best With BFFs

By Kristina Udice
Spring break is a time for letting loose and giving in. It’s all about four-too-many shots of tequila, bright bikinis and meeting the boys you’ve seen in those made-for-TV movies. It’s all about the crystal clear oceans, beach waves and drinking…

Why College Kids Shouldn't Worry About Their Post-Graduation Futures

By Kristina Udice
You’re sitting in class; it’s the last one of the day and you’ve spent the first half of it sneaking glances at the phone you’re hiding underneath the desk. Your eyes are darting up to make sure the professor hasn’t noticed. You pretty much know…