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5 Things You Should Never Settle For Once You Enter Your 20s

By Kristen Bousquet
There's a little saying we've all heard before that tells us, “Never settle for anything less than you deserve.” Chances are, you've scrolled by it hundreds of times written in an aesthetically pleasing font on Tumblr, or you've liked it on…

7 Commonly Ignored Signs That Your Relationship Is Past Saving

By Kristen Bousquet
Unfortunately, there comes a time in many relationships when you realize that the connection you had just isn't there anymore. You know it's time to make a decision: You either have to work on your relationship and try to save it, or you have to let…

Being In Love With The One That Got Away Has Halted My Dating Life

By Kristen Bousquet
For the past four years, I've been trying to get over the one that got away. Let's start with a little history. Mark* and I met many years ago and ever since we met, our path has been nothing short of extremely complicated. Nothing in our…

5 Tips To Make Moving Out Of Your Ex's Apartment A Little Easier

By Kristen Bousquet
As your relationship gets more and more serious, it's only natural that moving in together is a step you may take—and a pretty serious step at that. While many relationships may crumble, some may be at their best after you take the plunge to move in…

4 Ways You Can Stay Fresh All Weekend At A Music Festival

By Kristen Bousquet
From spring to fall, we're blessed with some of the most epic music festivals in the world. All around the United States, we're planning insane weekends filled with lots of partying, incredible music and even better friends. Most music festivals…

6 Things You Need To Remind Yourself When Leaving A Bad Relationship

By Kristen Bousquet
Unfortunately, not all relationships are meant to work out. Some are meant to teach us lessons, some are meant to make us stronger and others are meant to help us find ourselves. They can't — and won't — always be perfect. With that said, some of…

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Turn Your Summer Fling Into A LDR

By Kristen Bousquet
For some reason, summer seems to be the most romantic of all the seasons. Maybe it's the great vibes we get from the freedom that summer brings. Maybe it's the fact that there are endless possibilities of exciting events and parties to attend.…

How To Make Yourself A Priority If You're Always In A Relationship

By Kristen Bousquet
I'm the girl who always has a boyfriend. What usually goes down is this: I'll be in a relationship for a while, things don't work out, we end up separating and then I'm instantly on the search for a new dude. I always had this idea in my mind…

The Difference Between Having Feelings And Respect When It Comes To A Hookup

By Kristen Bousquet
Let's start off with a little history. I'll be the first to admit it: I'm a serial dater. I'm the girl who always has a boyfriend. I get into relationships that last for years. As soon as the relationship ends, it's just another couple months before…