Kokil Sharma


Kokil is a contributing writer based in London. She also runs her own yoga and lifestyle blog called Jyoti Yoga. When she is not writing, she is designing websites and iOs apps. You can view more of her work at http://www.jyotiyoga.com

7 Ways To Master The Art Of Bouncing Back When Life Knocks You Down

By Kokil Sharma
Life can be a complex journey with many ups and downs. It is filled with both challenges and accomplishments. No one is successful at everything, just as no one fails at everything. We all have at least one thing we are or can be good at…

Stay Silly: 7 Ways Your Sense Of Humor Can Carry You Through Anything

By Kokil Sharma
Of all human qualities, a good sense of humor is among the most attractive. Having a healthy sense of humor is not only attractive, but also a sign of intelligence and creativity. It is both a skill and an art. Having a laugh and making others laugh…

Spending Time Alone Is Better Than Wasting It With The Wrong Company

By Kokil Sharma
It is astonishing how many people dislike or fear the idea of being alone. Being alone with your thoughts generally isn't as bad as most people make it out to be. In fact, it is the opposite. Thoughts and memories to which you would usually never…

12 Characteristics Of True Love And How You Can Be Sure You've Found It

By Kokil Sharma
We all have different definitions of what true love is. Some people find it in fairytales, some in Shakespearean sonnets; others believe it is merely a phase and true love doesn’t exist in the real world. The truth is true love is an extension of…

Put Your Self First: 10 Ways To Perfect The Art Of Self-Esteem

By Kokil Sharma
The importance of having self-esteem is very underrated these days. The focus is so much more on the external objects that we are easily willing to compromise our own self-esteem to make others happy. Feeling good and believing in yourself is…

10 Ways Real Life Is Actually Just A Continuation Of High School

By Kokil Sharma
As teenager, many of us are so eager to grow up and turn into adults so we can live life according to our own rules. Most of us probably remember thinking the high school days were very suffocating and dreamt about what it would be like to step out…

Separating The Real From The Fake: 10 Ways To Tell If Someone Is A True Artist

By Kokil Sharma
Behind every great success and achievement, there is hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Most people who have achieved something substantial in life will tell you that there are no shortcuts to success. You have to work hard and persevere. However,…

Why Being Honest Is More Important Than Being Nice

By Kokil Sharma
We tend to meet many people these days who are very hard to read and project confusing emotions. They might come across as lovely and charming in the first impression, but when it comes to establishing a more meaningful and grounded relationship,…

10 Ways Practicing Yoga In Your 20s Will Bring You Peace In All Areas Of Life

By Kokil Sharma
Yoga does not require you to be of a certain age, background, height, weight or religion. It is available to all and is known to be one of the most powerful anti-depressants around. The best part is that even if you get addicted to it, there are no…