King John Pascual


King studied human biology and ethnic studies at Brown University. He earned his master's degree in science education while teaching full-time in New York City for 2 years through Teach for America. He loves karaoke and meditating.

5 Surprising Impacts Climate Change Is Having On Human Health

By King John Pascual
Whether or not you are a believer, climate change is a reality. Countless lives will be lost if we don't make individual and systemic changes now. Often perceived solely as an environmental concern, climate change also poses serious health risks…

How To Figure Out Which Of The 8 Types Of Intelligence You Fall Under

By King John Pascual
Did you know that intelligence can be categorized in eight different ways? Dr. Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist at Harvard, developed the multiple intelligences (MI) theory back in 1983. Today, educators and psychologists all over the…

11 Ways Being Grateful Can Work Wonders On Your Health

By King John Pascual
Thanksgiving has passed. But did you actually take the time to  express gratitude? If you didn't, then now might be a good time to pause and reflect on the things you are grateful for. Why, you ask? It turns out that showing gratitude once in awhile…

6 Ways Celebrating Halloween Can Actually Make You Healthier

By King John Pascual
I know what you’re thinking: With empty calories and high-fructose corn syrup abound, how exactly can celebrating Halloween be deemed healthy? Not to mention, the stress you get from choosing a costume and deciding which after-party to attend. But…

Why I Made Meditation And Mindfulness Part Of My Daily Life

By King John Pascual
Several nights ago, while listening to John Mayer's freshman and sophomore albums, I spent hours searching for activities that would enlighten my soul. Two dozen Google Chrome tabs and several replays of "Bigger Than My Body" later, I virtually…