Kimmie Conner


A recent graduate from UCLA, I've decided to put off the 'real world' a bit to travel & work around the world. I'm currently living in London, improving my photography, and documenting my adventures on my blog,

26 'Never Have I Ever' Questions That Give 'Personal' A Whole New Meaning

By Kimmie Conner
I won't lie: I've played a lot of "Never Have I Ever" — especially as a tour guide who leads 18 to 30 trips with a good amount of partying. It's what young people love these days. The game is an exceptional ice breaker on the first day of a journey…

5 Easy Ways To Get New Experiences In An Old Town

By Kimmie Conner
People tend to get bored of where they live. They believe that after living in a certain place for a long time, they know everything about that place, and this makes them closed off to new experiences. However, this is the completely wrong frame of…

Why LA Is A Great Home Base For Those Infected With The Travel Bug

By Kimmie Conner
So, you caught the travel bug. Maybe you spent a month in Asia, maybe you backpacked through Europe, and maybe you went on a family vacation to Hawaii or road tripped to the Grand Canyon. However far away you went, one thing is for sure: You went…

Into The World: Why Your Best Years Have Yet To Come After Graduation

By Kimmie Conner
In a few weeks, I will be graduating from college. I will be leaving this place that has been my home and sanctuary for the past four (well, four and a half, for me) years. I’ll be leaving the place I have become so familiar and comfortable with,…

Why I Chose To Travel Abroad When I Graduated Instead Of Get A Job

By Kimmie Conner
The obvious question people ask me when they hear I am graduating college is, "What are you going to do next?" Friends, teachers and most adults constantly bombard me with questions about what I plan to do with my life, what I want to do with my…

10 Reasons Camping Makes For The Best Festival Experience

By Kimmie Conner
Ah, festival season. It's finally upon us. It's finally time for the flowers to bloom, the weather to improve and for all of us to flock to large open fields in carefully-planned outfits to live in a dream world for a few days at a time. We await…