Kevin Losani



Mini Therapy Horses Help Children During Their Most Difficult Times

By Kevin Losani
I don't think animal therapy is a myth. Seriously, you would have to be stone cold evil to pick up a sweet puppy or kitten and not feel anything. I've always thought some pets can sense your mood. In the past, I've experienced dogs and cats that…

These Pilots Have Banded Together To Rescue Animals From High-Kill Shelters

By Kevin Losani
Wings of Rescue is, quite literally, one of the most uplifting nonprofit organizations around. Why? Because its volunteers fly! Well, it's more than just that. This group truly offers a groundbreaking method to tackling animal rescue. Wings of…

This Former Stripper And Ivy League Grad Student Is Running For US Congress

By Kevin Losani
If you examine recent US political history, you might find some candidates running for offices (both big and small) are... less than traditional. We've had both a former WWE wrestler and "The Terminator" run and win the right to call themselves…

This Sex-Positive, Feminist Porn Star Is Forever Changing Mainstream Porn

By Kevin Losani
Any facet of entertainment can be divided into two categories: mainstream and independent. Mainstream entertainment is often deemed shallow and cliche, and it gets a bad rap for being intellectually and artistically inferior to "high-brow"…

This US Veteran Is Taking His Terminally-Ill Dog On One Last Road Trip

By Kevin Losani
“Bella is the strongest connection I have ever had with another living being, and I don't care that she's a dog,” Rob Kugler told me as he was getting ready to sleep in his SUV in a rural parking lot with his terminally-ill dog. Rob has been on a…

Twin Artists Paint Stills From Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape

By Kevin Losani
A wise man once said, “Break records at Louis. Ate breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.” The girl in reference is Kim Kardashian. Why is Kim Kardashian famous? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Is there a God?…

How Surrogacy Is Redefining What It Means To Be A Mother

By Kevin Losani
This Mother's Day, let's give a heartfelt shoutout to all of the surrogates who have stepped forward to give the gift of family. The concept of incubating a human life in your body and then giving it away to someone else was difficult for me to…

This Erotic Film School Is Teaching The Next Generation of Pornographers

By Kevin Losani
The Erotic Film School is an annual three-day intensive hands-on course that teaches students the art of pornographic filmmaking. This groundbreaking program is the only one of its kind and is led by former BDSM porn star and revolutionary feminist…