Kelly Weatherwax


Michigan native, attended WMU where I graduated with a double major in Communications & Business. Currently contributing to the rebirth of Detroit. Lover of writing, marketing and coffee.

5 Things You Can Finally Stop Worrying About In Your Mid-20s

By Kelly Weatherwax
Your early 20s are a period of growth in which you experience a vast array of ups and downs. To be blunt, this period can be flat-out difficult. From embracing adulthood to starting a career, the numerous stages of life that seem to happen all at…

6 Tips For Finding A Job When You're Too Experienced For Entry-Level

By Kelly Weatherwax
Everyone always talks about what it’s like to be freshly out of college, embarking on your career and all the challenges that follow when you need to transform into a working adult. It's a part of life that has become the center of focus for…

10 Times Introverts Are Frustrated By An Extrovert's Misunderstanding

By Kelly Weatherwax
As we age, mature, graduate and turn into real humans who work for a living, we realize we don’t just choose our friends and partners based on the same factors we did growing up. Now that we've reached a certain level of maturity, we notice what…

3 Areas Of Life Where You Must First Disconnect To Actually Connect

By Kelly Weatherwax
The art of communication can be traced back to when living beings were first put on the earth; it allows us to develop and grow properly. It is how we interact with one other, how we express ourselves and how we put ourselves out there into the…

How Men Can 'Lean In' To Create A Diverse, Equal Workplace

By Kelly Weatherwax
It started with Sheryl Sandberg's book, "Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead."  Now, you can visit to see the movement Sandberg spearheaded to bring women to the top, alongside men. The book pushes women to work together to…

Why It's Important To Not Let Societal Pressures Dictate Our Paths

By Kelly Weatherwax
It will happen so suddenly that you won’t even notice at first. You’ll graduate, put your résumé out there and get your ducks in a row... kind of in a row. Then, you will wake up one day and realize that you live on your own, have a degree, pay your…

6 Things That Helped Me Survive After My Father Passed Away

By Kelly Weatherwax
I awoke to my mother repeatedly yelling in desperation, “Bob! Wake up! Wake up, Bob!” It was a snowy Thanksgiving morning. I rubbed my eyes and quickly jumped out of bed, faster than I've ever done anything in my life. I gulped down fear, as I…