Kayla Wilkinson


Kayla is a contributing writer from Maryland studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She loves the outdoors, Mexican food, irrelevant sports and taking excessively long naps in her hammock.

10 Things To Know About FIFA Presidential Candidate Prince Ali Of Jordan

By Kayla Wilkinson
FIFA is in crisis mode, but the global football organization has suffered from longstanding allegations of corruption and exploitation for years. In 2010, FIFA awarded the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar, respectively, amidst claims of…

10 College Basketball Teams To Watch On The Road To March Madness

By Kayla Wilkinson
College basketball fans, rejoice. With selection Sunday scheduled for March 15, March Madness is less than a month away. So far, the 2014–15 NCAA men's basketball season has been full of dramatic comebacks, upsets, dominant performances and historic…

How Brittany Maynard Taught Me To Accept Rather Than Fear Death

By Kayla Wilkinson
My friend C always tells me she is not afraid of death. She does not want to die and she hopes to live a long and prosperous life — but she is not afraid to die. Hearing C say these words makes me inexplicably uncomfortable, but I always…

Money Can Buy Happiness: Why I'm Okay With Being $50,000 In College Debt

By Kayla Wilkinson
Owing people money is not fun. If I owe someone $20 for gas, it will continuously weigh on my mind until I actually repay the money. So, of course, I assumed owing the government tens of thousands of dollars in student loans would be the exact…

#Frenemies: How To Spot Someone Who Doesn't Have Your Best Interest At Heart

By Kayla Wilkinson
There's nothing quite like the feeling of being screwed over by a close friend. In a way (a very small way), it's almost funny, considering our closest friends are typically also supposed to be our "best" friends. Our best friends are supposed to be…

It's Not Just Black And White: Why Gen-Y Needs To Break Societal Standards Of Sexuality

By Kayla Wilkinson
Our society loves to categorize, compartmentalize and label absolutely everything. You either have beauty, or you have brains. You're personality type A, or you're personality type B. You're liberal, or you're conservative. It's all black or white,…