Kayla Laprise


Kayla graduated from UConn with a major in marketing and now spends her days being a cliche twenty-something. Live music, movies and a good rant are among her favorite things.

Lace Is Loco: 50 Thoughts We All Had While Watching 'The Bachelor'

By Kayla Laprise
"The Bachelor" gets a lot of hate. Like a lot. And it really isn’t a shock why. It’s basically a televised, glorified version of Tinder, where the guy never has to worry about girls swiping left. Instead of Netflix and chill, there are elaborate,…

5 Reasons The Real 2015 Beats The 'Back To The Future II' Version

By Kayla Laprise
I'll be the first to admit I'm a complete movie nerd. Whether it's "Star Wars," a Nicolas Sparks book turned rom-com or anything Matt Damon, I love all things movie-related. That being said, all my fellow movie lovers out there are currently geeking…

Self-Obsessed: 7 Ways To Remind Yourself It's Not Always All About You

By Kayla Laprise
Since the first caveman saw his own reflection, we have increasingly become self-obsessed over the years. In a world where our self-esteem is directly correlated to the number of likes on our latest selfie, it is hard to separate our digital…

'90s Babies: Why This Generation Will Always Reminisce About Childhood

By Kayla Laprise
What is the best way to know someone is a 90s baby? They don't stop talking about it. We reminisce about pop culture and our childhood any chance we get, and with good reason. It was freaking fantastic. From our bright, artificially colored…

The Millennial Personality Spectrum: 4 Ways This Generation Functions

By Kayla Laprise
Cardiologists Meyer Friedman and R. H. Rosenman came up with two polar personality categories — Type A and Type B — way back in 1950, while they were looking at some of their high-strung patients with heart conditions in their waiting room. The Type…

How Social Media Is The Biggest Passive Aggressive Enabler Ever

By Kayla Laprise
Confrontation sucks. A little side eye, some ignored text messages and avoidance can get the point across without actually telling someone something's wrong. Thanks to social media, being passive aggressive has become an art, and no one bothers to…