Kayla Inglima

Kayla is an intellectual, comical, organized mess. She believes that filters are only for coffee & Instagram - hence she says what is on her mind at all times. She likes sushi and wine and being cynical while remaining a likable human. Graduating from Monmouth University in New Jersey, she now seems to put that Communication degree to good use. Find her on the Elite Daily "Who We Are" page, Facebook, Twitter and, most importantly, Instagram (@kayglee), where she has a variety of awesome photos of food and other shenanigans.

High Fashion Made Accessible To Gen-Y

By Kayla Inglima
Regardless of your shape or size, never underestimate the power of style because with the right look, you can empower and transform your self-esteem. Fashion sense can be an inherent quality, or it can be learned. For those of us who need a little…