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3 Unconventional Ways To Network Like A Total Pro At Your Next Work Event

Networking is a word that makes my skin crawl. When I hear it, all I associate it with is awkward, fake and corporate banter. But I know networking is important. It's how you make connections, get new jobs and go to Mykonos on someone's yacht. When …
By Katina Mountanos

Why You Need To Be Selfish If You're Ever Going To Be Happy

Oddly enough, we've been taught putting yourself first is selfish. We've been conditioned to believe focusing on "doing you" means you're failing at other things. So, almost three months into my first adult job, I thought I would have to give up my e…
By Katina Mountanos

Every Day Is Not Going To Be Perfect, Here's How To Deal

I have this unreal expectation every day is going to be perfect. I believe I'm going to jolt up on my first alarm and bop through my day unscathed, or I will be free of surprise deadlines or feisty co-workers or creepy subway dudes. I believe things …
By Katina Mountanos

What You Need To Do If You Feel Like You're Failing At Your Job

Work is hard. But sometimes, it seems like everything is going your way. You catch yourself getting into the groove: You know which Jim to email about your computer issues (yes, not CFO Jim), or how to use the fax machines without asking or when to s…
By Katina Mountanos