Katie Wilhelm


Katie is a contributing writer from New Jersey. She drinks too much tea, sings too frequently and hopes that even one person benefits from the stuff she writes down.

Everything I Want To Say To Women Who Support Trump

By Katie Wilhelm
Though this world has often provoked me to feel this way, I have never been ashamed to be a woman... until now. I debated with myself for a long time on whether or not to write something about the upcoming election. For the past year, I've denied…

Why It's So Hard To Fall In Love With Someone New After A Breakup

By Katie Wilhelm
My first love was absolutely maddening. It was every cliche in the book and then some. Kissing him made me woozy. Seeing his name pop up on my phone made me giddy. When I held his hand, I flew to heights I couldn't even recognize. I wanted to be…

Why You Have To Be A Bit Crazy If You Ever Want To Become A Writer

By Katie Wilhelm
I always knew I was going to be a writer. It's hard to explain how and when I knew for sure that I was destined for this lifestyle, but something inside me has always compelled me to write. My teachers knew it, too. They were always encouraging me…

The Show Must Go On: 9 Feelings Only Theatre People Will Understand

By Katie Wilhelm
Theatre people are a brand of our own. We are unlike a majority of the population in so many ways. Some people call us crazy, spending excessive hours at the theatre, sometimes not even for rehearsal, memorizing dozens of paragraphs, learning to…

Lean On Me: Why Your Childhood Best Friends Are Your Lifelong Friends

By Katie Wilhelm
Childhood friends: Everyone has them, but not everyone has kept them over the years. These are the people you sat next to in second grade and bonded with over your love of puppies and Capri Sun. Childhood friends are the people who mold you into the…

It Will All Be Okay: 5 Things This Generation Needs To Stop Overthinking

By Katie Wilhelm
Gen-Yers, have been told we have terrible social skills. We know we’re not very in touch with the world around us. We've been told we are technologically-driven robots who can’t lift our eyes off of the screen long enough to see what color eyes…

Fatherless, But Thriving: How A Lack Of A Dad Forced Me To Be Strong

By Katie Wilhelm
Being fatherless has both plagued me and molded me into the person I am today. It has shaped the essence of who I am for the better and for the worse, too. I try to not let it define me, but missing out on such an essential aspect of life inevitably…

A Breakup Is Only A Failure If You Don't Learn Something From It

By Katie Wilhelm
As human beings, we make promises to each other all of the time. They can be as simple as promising not to leave our friends alone at the bar, or as complex as promising to love someone for the rest of time. Sometimes, the promises are concrete; we…

It's Their Loss: Why Being Broken Up With Isn't A Poor Reflection Of You

By Katie Wilhelm
There are few feelings in the world that can surpass the depths of heartbreak. Getting your heart broken will expose you to sensitivity and vulnerability so severe, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. There are a million thoughts…