Katie Karambelas

Katie is a fiction writer who blogs about her not-so-fictitious life of dating, being a single mom, and all her travel adventures. Follow her stories on her blog: www.writingandwanderlust.me

Recent Articles

This Is How To Comfort A Friend Who's Going Through A Major Loss

I hear it again and again from friends, kind strangers and even from family sometimes. “At least you know that she is dying, so you have that time with her,” or, “you're lucky you get this time with her.” I have probably even said these phrases mysel…
By Katie Karambelas

How My Mom's Terminal Illness Made Me Live The Life She Always Dreamed Of

Coming to terms with the fact that my mom is terminally ill has been the hardest thing I've ever done. There are days when she seems fine, and I forget for a minute that her days are numbered. But then, there are terrible days when she feels sick and…
By Katie Karambelas