Katie Evans


Katie Evans is a Portland-based commerce writer working across Bustle Digital Group's brands. Before joining Bustle, she was a copywriter at Bloomingdale's, where she wrote about all things fashion. She has a bachelor's degree in Journalism from California State University in Fullerton. When she's not writing, Katie can be found tackling her ever-growing book pile, creating an unnecessary amount of playlists on Spotify, or walking her dog out in nature.

These Genius Hats Are The Key To Staying Warm During Winter Workouts

By Katie Evans
If you're a runner, you know the frustrations that come with staying active in colder temps. But the best winter running hats are here to take the sting out of your favorite outdoor activity — whether it's subzero and snowing or just a little brisk…

Forget Slippers: These Fleece Socks Are Cute AF — & They'll Keep You *So* Warm

By Katie Evans
Is there really anything better than wearing cozy socks on a chilly day? When it comes to cold-weather fabrics, few reign as supreme as fleece, a foolproof material that was designed to imitate wool and hold in warmth. The best fleece socks come in…

Amazon’s Most Stylish Winter Hats Start At Only $11 — & They’ll Keep You SO Warm

By Katie Evans
Whether or not you consider yourself a "hat person", it certainly seems impossible to get through the colder months without some kind of head covering. And if you're style-focused on top of that, it can really feel like a struggle to balance fashion…

This $9 Facial Mister Will Save Your Wintry, Dry Skin — Plus 4 More Handheld Humidifiers

By Katie Evans
A dewy, glowing complexion is so much more than just a makeup fad — it's also a sign that your skin is getting some serious hydration. Utilizing a humidifier is one way to achieve this, and when you opt for a personal-sized one, you can get a nice…

12 Oversized Cardigans That Actually Make You Look Put Together (& They're SO Comfy!)

By Katie Evans
Cozy cardigans always seem to be in style, and slouchy ones are especially having a fashion moment. It might be that oversized cardigans are just so comfortable, and slipping one on feels like an act of self-care when you need it most. Whatever the…

These Blanket Scarves On Amazon Will Keep Your Vibe Cozy & Chic

By Katie Evans
With the emergence of blanket dressing — and the need for utterly comfy clothes these days — it's no surprise that blanket scarves are one of the must-have accessories right now. Investing in one of the best blanket scarves around will not only up…