Kathryn Cicoletti


Writer and founder of MsCheatSheet.com, Kathryn Cicoletti began her career in the hedge fund industry and then realized finance people are super annoying. She quit her finance job and hasn't looked back. She's now on a mission to entertain, empower, and inform you by making sense of money topics that might otherwise make you want to slit your wrists.

How A Strong Woman Tackles The Business World

By Kathryn Cicoletti
Although I appreciate all of the articles about women in business with titles like, “How to Get Ahead,” “How to Ask for What you Want,” and “How to Lean In,” I find most of these articles either dreadfully boring or painstakingly obvious. Some of…

Don't Have A Side Project? Here's Why You Should Focus On Something Other Than Your 9 To 5

By Kathryn Cicoletti
"What are you doing with your website? What's the point of it? Why do you spend so much time on it if you don't get paid for what you're doing?" Let me start by saying that all of you who have asked someone those questions definitely don't have a…

What Every Girl Needs To Do To Get Their Boyfriends To Propose

By Kathryn Cicoletti
How many times have you heard a story about a girl dating a guy, and she dumps him because he won’t propose after they’ve been together for some time? Then, low and behold, you receive the phone call: “We're engaged!" Surprise! When a girl gives her…

Your Relationship Is Your Success: How Having The Right Relationship Will Further Your Career

By Kathryn Cicoletti
Guys, did you know that neither the amount of time you run on the treadmill, your social class, nor your intelligence determine your career success? That’s right. If you spend the weekends reading Harvard Business Review and obsess over your routine…

The 10 Steps That Will Lead You To Your Very Own Sugar Mama

By Kathryn Cicoletti
I thought that maybe my friends were the only women emasculating their boyfriends and husbands. Then I did some digging and learned that this has actually turning into the new normal. Young single women are clocking guys when it comes to how much…