Kathryn Bianga


I'm a 20-something new college grad trying to put together the pieces of the "real world." Besides being a "Yooper" and a cool wife, I'm a word-lover and have a passion for music and tv. I want to uncover the story behind all things. Outside of that, I love fresh baked cookies, new novels, and movie reviews.

The 5 Things You Should Do When You Feel Guilty About Breaking Your Diet

By Kathryn Bianga
This weekend, after months of working on a positive mindset and more self-love, I was somehow launched back into my past ways of thinking. Perhaps it's because my regular eating patterns were disrupted, or perhaps it's because I hadn't hit the gym…

I'm Taking An Unexpected Gap Year, But Here's Why I'm Not Worried About It

By Kathryn Bianga
When I graduated high school over four years ago, I had things figured out. I was going to do two years at a community college, two at a university, probably go on to get my graduate degree and find a sweet job right away where I was super…

10 Traditional Rules I Broke That Left Me With The Perfect Wedding

By Kathryn Bianga
When planning my wedding, my fiancé and I altered some age-old traditions, gave a few the boot and put our own spin on things to make our day exactly what we wanted. Here are 10 rules we broke to make the day completely our own: It took us six…

How Giving Up 'Thinspo' Led Me To A Life Of Self-Love

By Kathryn Bianga
In today's society, it seems like almost every woman is on a journey to health and happiness. At what point, though, does the effort to become healthy turn unhealthy? I can date my tireless goals of being fit back to high school. My family was into…

Everything I Want To Say To My Younger Sister About Starting College

By Kathryn Bianga
Dear Little Sister, It's been a couple of weeks since fall term started, and now you're one of the new freshman living in a tiny dorm, pulling all-nighters, getting in 20,000 steps a day of walking across campus and trying to figure out the rest of…

Why You Should Never Criticize Someone For Getting Married Young

By Kathryn Bianga
Today, while tending bar at a golf club (my fun-yet-exhausting summer job), I received some great marriage advice from a 30-something single male: Don't do it. Despite the fun that comes with the job, I've found that people love to give unsolicited…