Katherine Whitehead


Born and raised southern girl University of Tennessee

How Meeting A Male Stripper Taught Me To Be Confident After A Bad Breakup

By Katherine Whitehead
A while back, I had a crazy idea. For the first time ever, I decided to go to a male strip show. I know -- for most people, that isn't really a crazy idea. But hear me out. First of all, I live in the south, the part of the south everyone warns you…

I Tried The 'Extreme Honesty' Dating Method And It Transformed My Love Life

By Katherine Whitehead
My dating life is essentially the complete opposite of a fairytale. It's more like a romantic comedy, but without the romance and with most of the comedy coming from sad montages of me eating ice cream after a date gone wrong. It does not end with…

People Share How They Met Their SO In College And It’ll Make You Believe In True Love

By Katherine Whitehead
Ever since I was a young girl, I made it a goal to be engaged by college graduation. When I moved away to attend one of the biggest universities in the South, I had dreams of meeting that special someone and earning not just a degree, but also a…

5 Positive Things Every Single Girl Should Remember On Valentine's Day

By Katherine Whitehead
A few months ago, you and your best friend made a promise: This would be your year. You knew a new semester meant a whole new pool of boys to choose from. You promised you'd both meet cute boys before the holidays came around, and you thought you'd…

5 Empowering New Year's Resolutions For The Newly Single Girl

By Katherine Whitehead
Who was he? Let me guess, tall, dark and handsome? Maybe he had big muscles and strong hands. Maybe he had that scruff on his neck that he didn't shave only because you told him not to. Maybe he knew exactly what to say to you. Maybe he made you…