Kate Pena

After a few great years at college in DC, Kate is back home in NY. She passes the time by drinking whiskey, watching hockey & going to concerts featuring bands that nobody's heard at night. During the day, she works in advertising at an agency that Don Draper really didn't care for at first.

Tweet For Safety: The Role Social Media Played During The Paris Attacks

ByKate Pena
This past weekend, we watched a beautiful city get brutally attacked, leaving hundreds dead or wounded. Most likely, you were alerted of the attacks via an app on your phone, or the Internet in general. Whether it was through a CNN ping or a tweet,…

Fall Is Coming: 8 Changes To Anticipate At The Start Of A New Season

ByKate Pena
Favorite seasons are always up for debate. You have the people who love summer and lying on the beach, the ones who can’t wait for spring and flowers and the people who enjoy snow and anticipate winter all year. But autumn fans have great reasons…

How The Media And Internet Have Come To Play A Huge Role In Violence

ByKate Pena
Last week, we all watched in horror as yet another episode of violence unfolded before our eyes on live TV. Reporter Alison Parker and Photojournalist Adam Ward were fatally shot during a broadcast on WDBJ-TV in Moneta, VA. Many people witnessed the…

The 5 Reasons Your Boyfriend Is Terrible And You Need To Move On

ByKate Pena
Everyone's done it: Date the guy no one likes, ignore all the questioning and keep seeing him anyway. Here are 5 reasons you should dump him now: 1. He's shady with his phone or social media. I dated a guy who would delete his texts every night. He…

Why Men Need To Stop Waiting For The "Right Time" And Go After What They Want

ByKate Pena
While most recently confiding in my guy friends, I've heard a lot of them talking about the "right time." They'll say, "It's not the right time to ask her out." They'll mention, "It's not the right time to tell her I want to stop hooking up."…

How To Apply For Jobs While Still Maintaining A Social Life

ByKate Pena
Senior year of college is pretty scary. Everyone tells you applying for jobs is hard and you think to yourself, "It's all online, how hard can it be?" Then you start the applications... How many times can you type in your work history? Why are they…