Kassy Scarcia


Kassy (founder of Authentically Awakened Coaching) is a confidence boosting, clarity cultivating, powerhouse life and career satisfaction coach for 20-something millennials. Kassy, being in her 20's and having gone through her own quarter-life slump, loves to write about the realities of being a 20-something in today's world. Career changes, confidence issues, "shoulding" all over yourself, feeling off track or behind, and so much more is what you will find from Kassy's coaching program, writing, videos, speaking engagements, and book (coming soon!). Kassy also loves personal health and is training to become a personal trainer in addition to being a nutritional cleansing coach.

7 Reasons Why Talking To Your Ex Will Actually Help You Get Over Them

By Kassy Scarcia
Have you ever noticed that as soon as you break up with someone everybody in your life is real quick to offer their advice? Tell you how you should handle it? Make sure to affirm that you deserve so much better and you need to just move on and cut…

The Step-By-Step Guide To Stop Negative Thinking In 2017

By Kassy Scarcia
Hello. My name is Kassy and I am a recovering negative thinker. Doubts, fears, put downs, assumptions of failure. You name the negative thought and I am pretty sure I thought it at least once in my lifetime. It would be more than safe to say I have…

Here Are 7 Essential Relationship Deal-Breakers If You're Looking For 'The One'

By Kassy Scarcia
When we enter the world of dating as a teenager, it is pretty easy to overlook certain things. A bit reckless with money? No big deal. Not ready for serious conversations about the future? Yeah, we can table that for now. But then, we quickly grow…

What You Need To Know About Success If You're Mostly Driven By Your Passion

By Kassy Scarcia
Changing the world: Now, that's quite a hefty goal. Or is it? I consider my passion one of my most cherished attributes. It brings me energy, keeps me striving and motivates me to keep working hard. When someone meets me for the first time, he or…

If You're Freaking Out About Graduation, This Is What You Need To Remember

By Kassy Scarcia
I can still vividly remember the day I graduated from college. The whole world was available to me, and yet, I was terrified. I was moving to a brand new city — without a job, I should mention — and starting a whole new chapter. But what did I want…