Kaitlyn Beck


Indiana University undergrad. Often compared to the Energizer bunny, I enjoy overcommitting and rarely sleeping. Probably listening to 'Gangsta's Paradise' much too frequently than socially acceptable.

I'm Prescribed Adderall And I Don't Believe It's A Harmful Drug

By Kaitlyn Beck
I don't feel embarrassed when I sneeze and then tell people I forgot to take my allergy medicine. I don't feel like ashamed of telling a new doctor I take medicine for acid reflux. So why do I feel discouraged when telling people I'm prescribed…

7 Places You Need To See In The US Before You Ever Travel Abroad

By Kaitlyn Beck
Nothing is more aggravating than dreaming of traveling the world, but not having the means to get there. As I'm surrounded by people who have taken drool-worthy vacations to Europe, South America, China and the Caribbean, it can be difficult to stay…

Why Education Is The Key To Ending Discrimination Against HIV/AIDS

By Kaitlyn Beck
HIV/AIDs has quite the stigma and judgement attached to the diagnosis. Many uneducated people believe it's "a gay thing" or the result of junkies sharing needles ("a druggie thing"). The diagnosis has quite the shock value. It's not something people…

Why Food Manufacturers Can Define Their Own Versions Of 'All-Natural'

By Kaitlyn Beck
If a label on a food product reads, "all-natural," it must be all-natural, right? If a juice box is labeled, "Made with all-natural ingredients," it's 100 percent natural, correct? Wrong. When I hear the word "natural," I automatically think "made…

5 Reasons Cheese Melts My Heart More Than My SO Ever Could

By Kaitlyn Beck
National Cheese Lover's Day is a legitimately recognized day. Valentine's Day is a legitimately recognized day. Coincidence? I think not. It only makes sense for cheese appreciation day to fall so close to our significant other appreciation…

10 Christmas Traditions Millennials Plan On Continuing In Adulthood

By Kaitlyn Beck
The holidays are such a joyful time. Aside from being finished with final exams and a whole semester of bullsh*t work, the season is filled with pure bliss. Even the grinchiest of people can't deny the excitement inflicted from ABC's 25 Days of…