Kaelyn Malkoski


Kaelyn is a 20-something trying to figure her shit out. She went to school in the South and has lived on both coasts before finding her home in Chicago, the Third Coast. She loves Chelsea Handler, wiener dogs and anything Tar Heel-related.

I Choose Me: Why Focusing On Myself After A Breakup Was My Best Move

By Kaelyn Malkoski
Summer had barely started, and I was on cloud nine. The weather was finally good after a long and bitter Chicago winter. I was pumped to spend my time with great friends, great family and the greatest boyfriend, a goof of a guy who was down for…

Why Graduation Isn't The End Of Your Life — It's The Beginning

By Kaelyn Malkoski
At 7:06 am, on the morning of my graduation is 2013, I had a terrifying realization: every single progressive thing I have done, everything to “build” this person I manufactured and sold as the Kaelyn Malkoski — via my college résume, which I sent…

Family, Career And Love: What It's Like When Your Mom Is Superwoman

By Kaelyn Malkoski
The first distinct memory I have of my mom is seeing her on a TV screen. It was super early in the morning for me; I was 5 years old and usually wasn’t up at 7 am. She was on "Good Morning America," discounting a recently published book asserting…

4 People, 4 Places And 4 Things Windy City Natives Hate About Chicago

By Kaelyn Malkoski
Chicago is the best. Some born-and-bred Chicagoans have known this their entire lives and have been capitalizing on it since they came out of the womb (lucky bitches). Unfortunately, it took me moving far too many times to figure this out, but thank…

Change Is Inevitable: What Maturity Means In Your 20s

By Kaelyn Malkoski
I’d like to think I’m mature, but I’m not so sure. To be honest, I don’t really know what that word means. Does it make me mature just because, by definition, I’m an adult? I have a new apartment, a job and a boyfriend. Check, check, check. My…