Julie Thames


Julie graduated from Belmont University with a B.B.A. in Music Business. She spends her time writing music, running, practicing yoga, kickboxing, hiking, backpacking, and traveling.

7 Lessons I Would Have Never Learned Without My Parents' Divorce

By Julie Thames
My parents filed for divorce a month before my 15th birthday. I spent 15 years living with a “normal” family, then suddenly it was all ripped out from underneath me. There's no denying that the year my parents divorced was probably one of the…

Why It's Time To Retire The Joke About 'First World Problems'

By Julie Thames
A couple of weeks ago, I was riding in the passenger seat of my sister's car. We had spent the day in Atlanta eating and shopping for bridesmaid dresses for her upcoming wedding. By the time we were on the drive back to the town where our parents…

6 Ways Even The Laziest Guys Can Transform Their Dad Bods

By Julie Thames
By now, everyone has heard of the dad bod. This marvelous body type gives guys an excuse to believe their bodies are "good enough," and it gives women the excuse to say, "Well, I might as well get used to this because all guys end up like this…

7 Baby Steps To Ease Back Into Dating After A Breakup

By Julie Thames
In today's world, there is a certain type of infidelity in relationships. Trust and honesty seem to be limited, and we tend to become bored more easily. For various reasons, we end up dating more than just one person. It takes us a couple (or many)…

House Of Lies: 6 Telling Signs You're Dating A Compulsive Liar

By Julie Thames
We all lie. There’s no denying it, and if you try to, then you’re lying. Lying has become a part of our everyday lives, and there’s no way around it. When your coworker asks you, “How’s your day going?” and you quickly respond, “Good, you?” — when,…

Are We Out Of The Woods? 40 Lessons From A Backpacking Adventure

By Julie Thames
The Appalachian Trail was calling my name. I bought a pack, a new sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. I packed up some food and clothes, and laced up my hiking boots. I started the trail at Clingmans Dome, which has an elevation of over 6,600 feet. For…

Why I Let Myself Get Cheated On Until I Couldn't Take It Anymore

By Julie Thames
Being cheated on used to be my biggest fear. I had a phobia that it’d happen to me, and sure enough, it did. The first time it happened, I was 15, and my boyfriend was caught making out with another girl at a party. Since that was my first…

The Tech Generation: What I've Learned As A Millennial Nanny

By Julie Thames
I was raised in a house on a five-acre piece of land next to a lake, at the end of a gravel road. I didn’t have many neighbors, and the few families who lived nearby didn’t have many kids. Growing up, my best friends were my older sister, my family…