Julian Hayes II


Julian Hayes II is an author, health & fitness consultant, speaker, and founder of The Art of Fitness & Life. His mission is to help one million men and women integrate health and fitness into their ideal (and often times busy) lifestyle without any tricks or gimmicks (stress-free). To ignite and kick start your weight loss journey, head over to theartoffitnessandlife.com

7 Tips That Will Actually Make You Get Fit And Healthy In The New Year

By Julian Hayes II
Everyone knows fitness is good for your life -- not just your body.   If you Google "how to lose weight," there are millions of options. And yet, a lot of us are still living sedentary lives. According to a recent study published in "Mayo Clinic…

6 Ways To Revive Your Fitness Goals When You're In A Winter Funk

By Julian Hayes II
Growing up playing high school basketball, there would, unfortunately, be some games during which we headed into halftime down by more than 20 points. For whatever reason, we just didn't have it in the first half. At times, we would also go on a…

6 Ways To Stop Short-Term Dieting From Harming Your Health In The Long Run

By Julian Hayes II
Phil Connors is an arrogant weatherman sent out to cover the annual Groundhog Day event. Little did he know, his life was about to take an unexpected turn. Phil eventually discovers that he is in a continuous time loop, repeating the same day over…

Uncomplicated: The Only 4 Principles You Need To Lead A Healthy Life

By Julian Hayes II
The amount of information we have at our fingertips is mind-boggling. The amount of people who are out of shape is just as mind-boggling. A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that roughly two out of three US adults…

Everything In Moderation: 8 Dietary Sinkholes To Be Mindful Of

By Julian Hayes II
Sinkholes form by erosion due to frequent exposure to water. Sinkholes typically develop as bedrock, which is slowly whittled away by water turned acidic from absorbing carbon dioxide and interacting with plants. From a cover-collapse sinkhole…

Slow And Steady Wins: 4 Reasons To Be Patient With Fitness Results

By Julian Hayes II
As a young and naive boy in college, I was desperately in search of muscles. I tried various workout routines; I wanted attention-grabbing arms with jaw-dropping abs. I thought all of this would instantly make me a ladies man.  But, it…

5 Tips To Stop Stress Eating And Improve Your Life In The Process

By Julian Hayes II
Are you always snacking at the office? Do you find it impossibly difficult to resist the temptations of saying “no” to chocolate and other pastries? No matter the scenario, stress eating is one of the top reasons many fail to reach their fitness…